Powerful features 🚀

The ultimate shopping companion, offering a seamless blend of personalized rewards, social engagement, and interactive fun.

Mall Dashboard

Let your customers dive into a seamless mall experience with Intermall’s dashboard. Personalized alerts and updates bring the mall to your customers' fingertips, providing a tailored flow of mall news and coupons.
It's the pulse of the mall, ensuring your customers are always connected to the latest deals and launches. Access, explore, and enjoy personalized shopping – all from one central hub.


Intermall's maps empower users to quickly find the shops, restaurants, entertainment spots and facilities they're looking for in the mall.
This interactive tool points users towards their desired locations quickly, enhancing their shopping experience with straightforward, efficient navigation.

Digital Gift Cards

Transform your mall's gifting experience with our cutting-edge digital gift card feature. Boost loyalty and unlock new "breakage" revenue from unused credit left on gift cards.
It’s a seamless extension that enriches your brand and delights customers with flexible, secure payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Loyalty Program

Transform each mall visit into a rewarding journey. Customers accrue loyalty points by spending in-mall, by using coupons and inviting friends to the app, unlocking rewards linked to our gift card program.
The seamless reward experience helps retain loyal customers and enhances their shopping journey.


Energize each shopping trip with our Scan-to-Win feature. Every receipt scanned offers a chance at instant wins and an entry into a prize draw for your customers.
Our scan-to-win feature is fun and interactive, and turns every mall trip into a thrilling opportunity for exclusive deals and surprises.

Social Aspect

Intermall brings shopping to life with a social twist. Your customers can invite friends to the app and get rewarded together through the loyalty program.
Grow your app's user base and the customer base of your mall by incentivizing customers to refer the app to the their friends - to the benefit of your mall, your customers and their friends.

And many more💥

Facility Management

And several more in development & upon request 🚧

Smart Parking
AI Chatbot
Cross-Retail Product Search
Shopper To-Do List
Cinema Integration
Advanced Analytics